December 30, 2010

8 Reasons

8 Reasons
What I like about you

a Christmas present for my brother Stephan.

December 17, 2010

sweet sweet christmas.

I did some intense baking today. Not only did I do one recipe, I did three, which I have never made before. Obviously, they do not look like the photos in the Baking book ( There is an image in the Bakingbook 'Merry christmas 1983') but I loved the visual aspect of the making of biscuits. It looks like playdo and the transformation from unbaked to baked is so interesting too.
I prefer the unbaked look of the cookies, however we all know, they do taste better cooked :)
So anyway, here are some images of my today's activitiy. They taste very nice, but some are pretty hard, but I have learned from '' that the skins of apples inside the cookie boxs will make them a little softer. I am going to try to take some photos or scan some imagery from those ancient Cooking/Baking books as some of the illustrations are just so beautiful I want to share them!

December 16, 2010

creeps of christmas eve.

I wondered around snowy lands and christmas decorated houses. And there they are, the creeps of Christmas. They appear very cute and innocent because of their size and the nice colours they wear. in Germany we call this Kindchenschema, (sceme of childlike characteristics)
But looks at these monsters! They have unhappy eyes or huge unhuman size noses or no fingers!
Creepy christmas faces, thats ecaxtly what they are.

snow white.

Only 8 days to go and its christmas day, at least in Germany. Thats were I am at the moment, taking some photos of the unbelievable masses of snow. It is indeed strange to have this much snow so early but I find it quite enjoyable. I am definately more of a summer person but untouched snow, it has something so calm and therapeutic about it. 

December 5, 2010

It's christmas coming up and its time to make cards and presents. This year a ot of my cards are cut-outs, I love the way how you get a glance of whats inside through little windows. It's a little metaphor, so close to the New Year, looking through a window towards the new exciting year.

Some of the cards are unique, only produced once. Others I have multipied to use more often, for example the little fold up with the reindeer. I am using that drawing as inside fold ups in cards and also as a present tag. I produced this using the imprint from inside old letters. The colours work well i think, they look snowy, icy and cold, but also telling the the feeling around christmas when it is snowing. For me it was very important to mix medias, drawing, cutting, different paper and recycle. Some images show a series of Zine's I have produced, unfortunately I can not show the imagery and topics inside them, yet, as some of them will be christmas presents, and I dont want to spoil the surprise. I will upload them after the christmas asap, I hope you looking forward to it.

 one last bit: Frohes Fest is german, and it means pretty much the same as
Happy Christmas / Happy holidays