February 28, 2011

French Fries font

Just having some fun with French fries and Fonts. 


February 22, 2011

visual research- Vague


I have been working on a Logo for a music event starting up in London from may 2011.
The event is called VAGUE an is basically a monthly event that hosts dance/electro DJ's. The locations vary and the promotion is mostly through the web and posters.
I was briefed to design a "typical" british wallpaper, based on the works by William Morris and other designers of the Arts and Crafts movement. Above are some scans from drawings I produced a while ago, when i started my visual research.

February 21, 2011

8 Reasons - Zine's

For Christmas 2010 I produced magazines for every member of my family.
The topic was 8 reasons what i like about you. I produced six hand made magazines and one animation, with different styles in binding and making. 
Some where produced with Ilustrator and Photoshop others entirely by hand.
They are unique and personal, and I think worked well individual presents.

February 19, 2011

RSA STUDENT DESIGN AWARD/ conflict resolution

The last three month I had to fulfil a RSA Design brief. I had to choose from four different projects, some were about designing new ways of giving (charties, etc) another one was to stop or reduce excessive  consumption or to create a way to widen school kids creativity and get them interested into design and the creative arts. Last but not least, one project was based on conflict resolution. Finding ways of agreement, and as I am a slight hippi, I decided to work on the conflict brief. 

For this project, I decided to not create a way of getting rid of Conflict, I created a simple object that creates a platform of having a conflict. This object was a placemat, which simply creates a space where two or more parties can talk / write about the issues they have with one another.

The above image is the digitial version of the Placemat.
Below you can see my four boards that present the problem, the observation and insights and the use of the object. 

polaroids and socks

These two images are typologies I produced during my first Year of my degree. I think they both are visually interesting and I still like them very much.

February 18, 2011


These are a few pages from my 2010 Diary/ Journal and the covers of all four Diaries. At the beginning of the year the Cover always looks clean and new. At the end of the year, its what you see below!