November 27, 2010

today I made a cd cover and  I am getting paid in cupcakes.

November 20, 2010

Okay now I guess, I have to admit now, that I have a slight obsession with tea. It is odd, as I am not that much of tea drinker, okay I have a cuppa when I decide to have a hot beverage in bed, I think tea goes very well with bed. Maybe because both words have three letters. But normally, I am a coffee, whenver the finance allow it, a Café Latte. Normally coffee, yes, instant.
But there is something about tea. The way it is consumed facinates me, I never had a british cuppa before coming to England, which seems obvious, but think about it. Tea, one of the most traded products in the World. It absolutely amazes me how 'the brits' have totaly took that ship and anchored it, yes.
Sterotypically we all know, yes, 'they'drink tea, eat cucumber sandwiches and porridge. Plus that horrendous british breakfast, which has the amount of meat in it, that an average cityzen would eat in a week.  (To be fair that is exactly what my granddad would say)
But the tea, that is the one thing that sticks. 
The brits drink tea, but they do not have tea. It is a representation of colonialism but it has gone much further than that.  From this advantage of power back in times, yes, England had global power at some point, has evolved an entire culture. An entire craft has evolved with the tea, any Antique shop in this country helds the most beautiful tea-sets  any nana would dream of. Actually, all Nana's and myself. 
It is used as statements in Films and it is still 'the' in thing to do. Tea-houses, tea-time.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I am not forming an opinion here, I am absolutely fascinated.
As you should know, I relate to myself as Fish 'n' Chips and Sauerkraut. I am obviously slightly keen on sterotypical food-preferences. But Tea, yes that is something, that will probably just stick with me for a while. Where ever I will go.



I just found a copy of this old London lite article, which featured a project me and my friend Thomas did together during our first year of the BA course.
The class was called Design for change. Back in 2009 before the Credit Crunch hit the economy, we still had two more free newspapers in London, the London paper and the London Lite.
We made a video for the project facing the topic recyling... It was such a fun day when we shooted the movie starting with walking from Stepney to Whitechapel and all the way into the city in the tube finishing at trafalger square. The video is below, Its not necessarily the perfect outcome I would say today but I really enjoy seeing what we worked on nearly 3 years ago.

November 18, 2010

jingles and bells.

This is another christmas card I have designed in the last couple of days. I do have a thing for greeting cards I think, I just love making them. Well now with christmas coming up I am in my element. This card folds up to a square but instead of a normal way to unfold a card this design has a different way to open it. To make it easier i have made a quick drawing of how it works:

November 7, 2010


How to get a job in Advertising- manual computer technology