May 25, 2010

proud galleries.



Blues band at proud galleries on sunday 17th.
Uni is finished for now and relaxation is marked in my diary.
On sunday after unsuccessfully trying to buy a last-minute ticket for RJD2 in front of Scala we decided to wobble over to Proud galleries. As a nice surprise we discovered that there was a free Blues concert. South galleries had a singing/dancing talent show to offer, which quickly conceiled a lack of talent.
Wondering back and forth between talent and comedy was really lovely.
The two blues bands were amazing, as always me never taking a camera, i had to capture the moment on my crappy phone camera.
Anyway, I enjoyed myself so much I thought i share the moment.


May 13, 2010

bon bene.

so hello earlybirds. today I have to hand-in everything in one big bumming heavy portfolio.
Starting the day with a way too short night i have a constant grumpy-expression on my face right now. I dropped the old coffee filter on the floor and i feel dirty,
so all in all a great start of the day. At least now i am done and from 11 onwards i am like..."hmmm what i am gonna do?"
now i have time, a lot actually, starting my summerholiday now really, havent thought of that which is great. But i will keep up the work i have so many things in my head i want to do play around with. First comes finding a work experience which hopefully will be not too much trouble as i am applying in Germany and in England which could couse a little logistic humblebumble.
Woring and doing just won't be in such a horrible manner aka. long nights and short sleeps plus early wake ups.
No no no, a little rest is needed.
A new book is important. I proboably will go to little Bookstore on the Lockside today, A clockwork orange i finished yesterday morning.. real horrorshow to say it in the iconography of the book.
Anyway,it time to go in a second i am gonna finish this coffee, which hopefully won't spill and then i am on my way down to the east, were i will be allowed to unload my baggage and be set free for a little while.

Oh freesh.

May 11, 2010

bond unbound.



I have deconstructed a scene of the movie Moonraker (1979).
Story based on Ian Flemmings novel JamesBond.Moonraker.
and the Bond in this movie is Roger Moore.. I think its propably the longest film
i have seen in the last couple of years, made me laugh to and i have never known so much about Bond before so i educated myself a little too.
My deconstructiion of Moonraker, yes, its a little creepy, and personally i dont like Alien-films and science fiction generally,but i am very proud of my alteration.
It one of a kind, which is what i like.
Every student of my graphics course had to alter two scenes and all of those will be cut together and made into a big movie/installation.
The viewing of the movie is on
Thursday the 20/05/2010 at 3 pm. at the London Met Graphics Center on Commerical Road in the east.

I won't be there unfortunately,as i will be on my way to germany
but maybe somebody else can x

May 10, 2010

Beauty of decay.



the photography i just uploaded, are some photographs I took for my beauty of decay-project.
I was given this brief by a classmate for my Photography module, additionally from my personal project about routine and repetition I had to work on a brief about decay.

I pretty much just had to go around my estate to find objects, so I did.
So now there it is the beauty of my home.
I am happy with the endproduct. i hope you like it to.


I just thought i put up some pictures from recent works.
I have had a little obsession with Origami...
Making a lot of cranes or what are they called?

So i put them on top of my table right where i sit and now I feel like i have a little freedom on top of me.

I think the entire bird-thing has come to my head.

little things. And cut out words.

May 4, 2010

(m) animal two ways of sending my thoughts

i love the elderly

This is my Nanas' response to an email i sended to everybody i have saved on my hotmail acount. Translation:
If you don't speak german with me, don't speak to me at all.

God i love her.

May 3, 2010

visual research drawings.

Sketchbook pages.

Sketchbook pages

Sketchbook pages

Alter Ego

today is the last day to fininsh my Illustration project about methamorphosis, so indeed tomorrow it is the hand in and i am a little upset its already over.
Since starting my degree all the modules i have had over the years, the Illustration class with Annabelle (there is a link to her webside on the left) has been the most fun and interesting. so today is my last day to enjoy my Cockatoo-work and tomorrow it will be gone.

Unfortunately i will have to stick with a tough plan to finish of my other modules,which should all be fine, its just none of them are actually as much fun as drawing birdies.


May 2, 2010

confused much?

well i am very much by how to use this blog to my benefit. i wish i would be a little more advanced in blogatronics but unfortunately i am not. I have uploaded some of my recent photography, which is to see by clicking on photography right at the top (clever).
the first couple of pictures is a project i have been working on about routine and repetition. Documenting the act of getting up, lucky for me the photos are tini tiny so do me a favour and dont look closed up, as i said, they are photos of me first thing in the morning.
A couple of 3D photographs are to find by scolling down down down which are some test runs produced during a workshop at uni with Spencer Rowell.
( 'I Could Have Been Anyone' photography exhibition 7th of May
Surprisingly easy to do these 3Ds but hello most exciting lesson learned in ages.
I will try and upload some more photos soon, in that time just have a look around my illustration work for now until i have some spare time and the patience.