July 21, 2010


Those drawings are some scanned in images from years back when i was on my foundation course at UCL in Farnham. I was looking at the shapes and pattern form the 60s and 70s to create a new approach towards the hype of vintage clothing in todays fashion.
I printed those pattern on t-shirt and other products.
I still like the drawings i produced back then but i wouldn't use them as fashion designs or as a clothing accessorize. Also i integrated some childhood memories by having a background made of squashed paint, just like we used to do it in kindergarten.

some old layouts from first year illustration project.

visual research on cafe 1001 brick lane.

July 14, 2010


oona levasseur.

na na na haven't uploaded much in the last month but i am back on my work now so i can show you some stuff. I am currently working on a project for my good friend Oona, who is a french singer here in London. She asked me to design a flyer for her that she can use over a long period of time instead of having a flyer for every single gig. So i am producing a flyer which represents her and her music in general with some space on the back to stick the dates and places.

As she and her music is a representation and a way of converting the life in and around Camden with its problems and pains i am mixing those influrences to get the best possible endresult.
If you look up her music you will see how the type i have designed for the flyer has merged out of the romantic but harsh sound of her voice. The colours i am using are there to represent the depth in her voice and by using monoprinting i have tried to give the image more of a rough cut and to decrease the gothic tone which comes across using such an intimidating type.

I found it a little scary at the beginning of my workprocess to get started as Oona didn't give me any limitations or directions. She said i know her best to visually represent her which is obviously awesome but it put a little pressure on me to please her the best i could with the endresult. Lucky for me she loved my first drafts and now i am just working on the final design.

I am going to put up some scanned images from my sketchbook and some try outs.
Hopefully in the next few days i will put up the final design and i will let you know when i can proudly present the day my flyer goes to print. In the meantime have a listen on