September 22, 2010

fish in hamburg.

i am currently located in hamburg, far up north of the german map, and easy to compare to the Human-traffic- Cardiff from the 90s.
My first time here, in the fish witout chips-city, exploring very little as the work placement i am attending right now is handling my time-managment very much from morning until late in the night. I may be overexaggerating a littlebit but working from 9 am until 19 pm is definately longer than am used to behind bars or if needed before and choosing the work load working freelance is definately not comparable. Even tho I am enjoying my time at work, if i would, i would pray for a little more free time. Hamburg, definately planned to be my home for some unpredictable time in my life, is definately some odd but beautiful place which needs exploring.
To some extent i wish nobody would come and visit Hamburg, because i suspect everyone would fall in love with this place and then the entire planet would try to live here.