March 16, 2011

if i would' ave known you' comin I would 'ave shaved

I have started my new Photography project. As for last year when i was working on personal repetion, I am now kinda going for a similar look but for a very different approach. I have decided to go on a hunt for as many faces I can find which are the so called 'Off-license-guys'

University Brief:
Create a photographic essay / Record of six or more individuals within the same work environment. Think about the range of jobs, professions, age groups, gender, cultural background and location.

People Working in Off license shops in London.
As in many communities people who work in Off licenses have a connection to their surroundings. 
Especially in London, where People move quickly and shops come and go, it appears that especially young people create a connection to their “off-license guy”. 
Also the availability to buy objects of indulgence, such as crisps, beers, sweets or cigarettes, creates an interesting idea of consuming and connection between a shop owner and customer.
In a city that has the availability of consumption 7 days a week and variations of shops and qualities of food that is absolutely incredible, there is a certain connection we have to tend to go to the off license instead for the quick buy. I personally argue its the smalltalk and the friendly approach that we will receive from our own Guy but how would I know, I only now my guy.

A set of photographic images of people who work in off licenses/ convenient stores across london. Visually interesting here is firstly the range of colours within an off license, and also the cultural background and gender of the shop keeper.

Also this Project, I believe is way stronger in quantity. I am asked to produce six Photographs but I believe that having around a hundred or so is a lot stronger than, just a few.
Again, the idea of Repetition comes across within this Project, which I have looked at a Year ago about myself.

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