May 8, 2011

Here some Images of a little mock up, just making experiments with different types of binding. For my actual book I choose to do get a single sheet bind done by a Pro, because previously I have had the talent to mess it up at the last and so important binding stage. Hopefully they will not have  problems with the different materials I am using within my book, but I think it will go just fine. I am still working now on the finishing touches, I have this problem every time that when I think I should be finished I decide that I dont like one particular thing and then one leads to another and I end up being all over the place. However, the pages need to be done by tomorrow morning so I can get print and binding done, to be finished literally just in time to take photographs of my Presentation-ideas and put my portfolio together.
Lets call that last minute, at the end of the day, it i the week I missed when I went to Paris, but I would not miss that week for nothing, it gave me so many ideas for future projects and I had an amazing time.
For the fact that I am officially out of education (for the first time) in four nights time I think I had to had a little Parisienne-blast before venturing out in the real world.

Also, some more images of my Book during the making process, I will get the book on Thursday bounded as a single sheet bind (measurement is 22 cm to 16cm) from the Wyvern bindery and the Posters are printing right now, to be collected soon. One of the pictures shows all my sketchbooks etc, I have produced within the last 12 weeks, when everything is lined up, the mass of work produced finally shows. But for now, back to work.

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  1. I think I have the same number of sketchbooks as you! It's ridiculous. I've had to take a couple into uni the last few times I've been in and leave them in my locker as I'll never be able to carry them in one go!

    How much have you got left to do? Excited about it finally being over?! Oh and I replied to your comment on my post about the internship :) x