May 3, 2011

Jump of the bridge.

I took some London panorama and they are surprisingly beautiful.
Last Black and White film left over from Paris, I think its a Kodak 400 2TMY Film, I much prefer this quality and the colours of this film than the HP5 film I have been using.

I visited Paris last week and even tho I had visited before I have experienced it very differently to the previous time. I asume that it has something to do with age, but I was drawn into the beauty of this city so much that the entire trip has become such a blur. The people I have met and spend time with, the things that happend there were so refreshing and beautiful that I have now, an entirely different mood than before. I am looking forward to moving on, away from University and off to some new adventures and Paris is definitely on my list somewhere, as this place, c'est magnifique

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